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We come to Cru HQ every single day because we love what we do!  We also love coffee!  Why is this relevant? Because that first cup of coffee in the morning signifies everything we are all about.  You see, we don’t drink just any coffee.

Put up your feet and indulge us for a minute or 2…

While travelling around Italy, our MD had what he declared the “best cup of coffee” he had ever tasted –  perfect temperature, perfect sweetness, balanced with enough bitterness to wake you up, and that amazing crema that only the Italians seem to be able to master.  Talking with the owner, he discovered that they achieved this taste by roasting their own beans, actually in the back of the café! So he bought a bag and brought it back to the UK. At this point he handed the bag to a local coffee roaster and after many, many, many cups of coffee, found the perfect roast.

It is this roast that can now be found in all of our premises, including our HQ!

Why is this relevant?

This compulsive obsession with quality and consistency doesn’t stop at coffee, and if you ever join Scott for a coffee, he will happily regale you with similar tales from around the world, including spending time with a farmer in Iowa, USA, during a trip to perfect a recipe for smoked BBQ pork, or a rather hairy all-through-the-night drive to Luton airport to pick up a hand-crafted coffee machine (yes, we really do take coffee that seriously) the day before the grand opening of one of our properties.

We believe that It is this relentless attention to detail that has allowed the company to enjoy continued success and growth since it founded in 2009 by Scott Murray.  In 2012, it became Cru Holdings, when the company took its major step forward, securing outside investment and enjoying rapid growth.

Cru is best known for being a bar & restaurant operator and innovator, behind brands such as Bar One, Scotch & Rye, Riva and others.

Setting out to provide an innovative hospitality experience, Cru opened its first concept property, Bar One, in 2009. Today, Cru continues to re-define the hospitality industry with innovative dining concepts and bars featuring renowned menus, created by some of our industries most recognised talent.

The extraordinary success of the Cru has established the company as a forward-thinking tresnd-setter, creating bars that are stylish, yet timeless, elegant but fun.

But that’s not all.

Historically a Bar & Restaurant operator, Cru now both own and manage licensed premises, as well as holding interests in the Travel industry with 2 travel brands under it’s belt, media, tecnology and publishing.

We are a local company and recognise our responsibilities as such.  We will always endeavour to work with local suppliers wherever possible, and at least 80% of our management team have been promoted from within.  We have won awards and accolades, but rarely talk about these, because for us, it’s all about the innovation, the team, the customers and of course, the coffee!